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Take the boring out of baking and make life long memories with your kids. For ages 4-12.

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Baking with kids can be challenging 

Baking is never as rewarding as when I’m in my own kitchen with my daughter - and that's coming from someone who's been on international baking TV shows! It's a fantastic bonding experience and creates amazing memories that we’ll both cherish forever.

But baking with kids isn’t easy... It needs to be fun, engaging and creative. Finding the right child-friendly recipes and creating the right environment can seem impossible.

But with the right recipes and guidance...

You can create make amazing dishes that you're both proud of, together. 

Join my daughter Nora and me as we take you on a baking adventure of a lifetime. Have fun, learn and bond over 14 bespoke bakes. Earn awesome certificates and even bake some masterpiece level up bakes! 

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1. Take my FREE Pizza Faces Lesson from Baking With Kids

Join Nora and me as we share our super fun, kid-friendly intro lesson - Pizza Faces.

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Learn a wide variety of brilliant recipes and fundamental kitchen skills you can share with your children.

3. Have Fun and Create Memories Together

Try all of our amazing recipes and learn how to make your own for countless happy memories in the kitchen with your kids.

Try a free intro lesson from my Baking With Kids Course and get started with a fun & delicious Pizza Faces recipe

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